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Supplying Vallejo Paint to the UK. There are two main types of Vallejo Paint for the wargaming and modeling communities. Model Colour and Game Colour. Paint Brushes can be found here

Vallejo Paint Model Colour

Vallejo Paint Model Colour Image of using Vallejo paint on a model tank
Vallejo Model Colour is ideal for use in historical wargames like Flames Of War, painting WWII model kits. Also Model Color is ideal as adding realistic detail to Scifi and Fantasy models

Model Colour is and acrylic paint suitable for use on all surfaces especially Plastics and Polyesters. The colours brush on smoothly, and cover large surfaces easily and without showing brushstrokes. Model Colour is great for minuscule details of miniature artwork. All the shades dry to a mat and opaque finish except for the metallic and transparent colours.

Opaque Model Paints by Colour Black | Blue | British | Brown | Camo | Flesh | French | German | Green | Grey | Kakhi | Orange | Purple | Red | Skintone | Uniform | White | Yellow

Fluorescent Paints | Glazes | Mediums / Varnish | Metallic | Opaques | Transparent | Paint Sets

The transparent colours render a brilliant finish, tint the surface but do not hide woodgrains or other characteristics. On models, they are applied directly for headlights and signal lights. Diluted with Mat Medium, these colours are ideal for tinting airplane or car windows(smoked glass). The application of a coat of transparent colour over the same mat colour gives an extra brilliant special effect.

Model Colour can be diluted with water, and all colours can be mixed with one another. The products does not contain solvents and is not inflammable. Colours do not contain lead pigments, nor ingredients harmful to health. Error can be corrected immediately with water, or with a small amount of alcohol. Once paint has dried, it is waterproof and permanent.

Model Colour is presented in a 17ml. bottle with eyedropper. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container. It can be used in minimal quantities and preserved for a long time.

Vallejo Paints Game Colour

128 Paint colours for fantasy figures and wargames.
Game Colour paint - example painted fantasy miniature. Vallejo Paints
If you are interested in Game Colour or Vallejo Game Colour paint sets please get in contact.

As with all paints these may separate during storage, shaking and mixing the paint is advised before use.

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