Buy Cheap Mantic Games In UKOnce seen as a source of Cheap Miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy Battles Mantic Games is now so much more.

Mantic Games’ Warpath Universe.

Mantic Games’ Scif-Fi gaming experience. On a multitude of levels of game style. There are the Board Games with Star Saga which is a scifi ‘dungeon crawler’ style game. Dreadball, a scifi combat football game and its sibling game Overdrive, an arena combat game.

Moving into the skirmish / wargames we have Deadzone, a small scale skirmish game played with a handful of models on a 2ft x 2ft table using a grid system. Then we move to Firefight played on a 4ft by 4ft table and then the wargame Warpath itself played on a 4ft by 6ft table.


Fantasy Games by Mantic Games

Dungeon Saga is a Hero Quest-esq dungeon crawl game set in Mantic’s Kings Of War universe. Yes they still have their core Fantasy Battle GameKings Of War but lately have developed a skirmish level game, Vanguard, using the same miniatures and troop types but having a lower model count and smaller table size for quicker battles. Again with the same KOW setting Mantic have a nautical game developed with the same core fantasy factions by way of Armada.

The Walking Dead

Walking dead skirmish game All Out War from Mantic GamesThe All Out War skirmish game is the first game from Mantic set in The Walking Dead comic book universe. This small scale skirmish game was followed by Here’s Negan which is a dungeon crawl miniature board game. After these we get The Walking Dead Call To Arms. Call to arms builds on the mechanics of The Walking Dead All Out War and builds a larger scale combat system rather than the small story based campaigns of the original game.