The Walking Dead All Out War

The Walking Dead All Out War


We expect this new wave to ship July 2024 – Though our orders are in and we will dispatch as soon as humanly possible.

Mantic Games brings us The Walking Dead All Out War the story based miniature game, ideal for 2 players, but also has solo rules.

The Walking Dead Collectors Edition 2024
The Walking Dead Collectors Edition 2024

Looking for MDF Buildings to Suit The Walking Dead? See here.

The game is based on the original Walking Dead comic books by Skybound Entertainment. The original boxed game is a great standalone game that is enhanced with various boosters and expansions.

Buy Mantic The Walking Dead All Out War Miniatures, boosters and Expansions here.

From Mantic Games The Walking Dead Call To Arms is the Skirmish miniatures game based on the comic book franchise.

This Walking Dead miniatures game represents larger scale conflicts than All Out War. The lone travellers struggling to survive in what’s left of the world have now formed communities, built walls, and gathered arms. However, the harsh conditions outside their walls have led these groups to fear the outside world. They see other groups as a threat to their very existence – no longer are the dead the only ones to fear…

How to Play The Walking Dead Call To Arms?

Do you have the core All Out War set? Yes, then you are half way there. Just pick up the Call To Arms Rule Book and the cards appropriate to the faction(s) you want to play, then you can play this bigger skirmish zombie game.

You can use All Our War miniatures and recent boosters have the cards needed for use in Call to Arms.

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