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VAL72067Range of Vallejo Paint Game Color paint for Fantasy and scifi Wargames.
Game Color is a range of model paints and inks specifically designed to be used when painting miniatures from fantasy and scifi worlds.

Vallejo Game Color

AV Vallejo Game Color is a range of vivid colors especially developed for painting all kinds of fantasy figures and models. The colours can be applied and mixed with one another easily. Game colour paints dry to a matt and self-levelling finish without leaving traces of brushstrokes. The pigments employed have been selected for their brilliance, maximum stability and light fastness. Model Color Paints adherence and permanence on all kinds of surfaces for example plastic, resin, metal. Painting errors can be corrected immediately with water or alcohol. Once dry Model Color paints are waterproof and permanent.

AV Vallejo Game Color are compatible with other brands of Acrylic paints, like Citadel Paints from Games Workshop, P3 from Privater Press and Army Painter.

Vallejo Game Color Compatibility/Equivalence Chart

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