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The Walking Dead Collectors Edition 2024


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The best way to get started is with The Walking Dead All Out War in 2024.


The Walking Dead 2024 Collectors Set contains: The Anthology, Core Set (Sandra, Rick, Walker Rick, Patrick, Liam, Derek, Carl, Brian Blake, Lee and Clementine, Dale – Prison Advisor, Scott Moon, and 18 Walkers. Also includes Dice, Paper Atlanta Gaming Mat, Character Cards, Tokens, 2024 Equipment Booster, 2024 Events Deck,and Hard plastic Scenery Set


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The Walking Dead: All Out War Collector’s Edition comes in this set. It contains 30 miniatures with well-known characters such as Rick and Carl Grimes, along with a whole host of different Walkers. Plus, for the first time in a starter set, our previously only available at event models—Scott Moon Walker, Rick Dale Prison Advisor, Dear Eaten Walker, and the ever-popular Lee and Clementine.

This set also includes our plastic scenery set, which features barricades, scatter terrain, plus two crashed cars and two crashed pickup trucks. These scenery pieces really bring your games to life on the tabletop. But wait, there’s more! Also included in this collector’s edition are all the things you need to play, such as dice, a high-quality paper Atlanta playmat, all the card tokens you need, a copy of the new Anthology Book, the new event card deck, and the new Equipment and Supply card deck—all for a fantastic price. We believe this is the absolute best way to get started for anyone jumping into the game for the first time.

Players: 1
Play Time: 30-120mins
Rating: 8/10
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BGG Reviews

kickstarter version - This game is fun for fans of the show. Having a ball with it! - exo20811

10/10 - thorbolt

10/10 - puttputt

10/10 - jetewabbie

nice miniature. good game system and thema. - gatts73

10/10 - meberl

The ruleset is smooth and just deep enough for my taste. It's based on the comics and not the show, which is a great plus for me. It's not just 1v1; you could play solo or co-op. I love the depth of the tactics in this one; your choices matter a lot. The rules and theme are molded together beautifully. I love this game. - Zoju

10/10 - IcyChris

Love the game and the mechanics! i hope for continued growth by Mantic. - napar

10/10 - chalkboy8

10/10 - roninrmz

Fast fun play and very easy to learn. You can start playing right out of box. - CDRVAP89

10/10 - AdamPeacock

A wonderful game that is true to the original graphic novel. Hopefully they will expand into the TV series characters too. Rule are easy to pick up with the included tutorials. If you can get your hands on a Kickstarter edition, you will not be disappointed; so many many more miniatures and 3D terrain (vehicles and scatter). The miniatures are second to none, when it comes to board games. The quality looks like highly detailed styrene plastc models, usually only found in multi-part wargaming models. The best that Mantic has produced. I can not wait to produce my own 3D game boards and buildings to make the gaming experience more immersive. - DSRRichter

10/10 - Claistadru

10/10 - gianni76

10/10 - Droogy

10/10 - Mantic Stew

As someone who followed the Kickstarter, this game delivers MORE than what was promised. The gameplay is great and fairly simple, which is important as a miniatures game. The game is also extremely flexible on rules and the various scenarios within the game. The game really makes you feel like you're in control of a group of Survivors in The Walking Dead world. - AKParadox

10/10 - did_de_caen

10/10 - Martlar

Real nice mecanics, yet simple to learn ! The models look good. Plus you can make your very own survivor ! Highly recommended. - Usagi3

Nos ha gustado la mecu00e1nica del juego juego tanto a mi como a mi hijo, con eso hoy en du00eda vas mas que sobrado, - antias

10/10 - equitypetey

Would play virtually anytime with anyone - Speaks72

10/10 - Richierich0441

10/10 - spartans16

10/10 - luckyboy12

The mechanics of the game are excellent! Panic, threat, nerve, noise and mayhem are all accounted for, as well as solid yet simple skirmish/shooting rules. Mantic has gifted a wonderful canvas for players to create their own thematic narrative missions and it has been inspiring seeing people bring their post apocalyptic game-board worlds to life. - ThereIsOnlyOneMcB

10/10 - Keydet

Amazing game - Monstrum0206

10/10 - JacoHyaki

10/10 - damsik87

The best game in the universe of walking dead - Babar

10/10 - danielparkins

Love this game. Great skirmish system with truly intuitive rule set that's deep, but easy to pick up. Tired of the same old zombie horde that games like zombicide offers? This game is for you! - jlheureux

10/10 - evilpresley

10/10 - Bard1790

10/10 - Paxoxo

10/10 - Greebo86

Then again I'm a zombie buff... - emirikol2099

10/10 - Bandit650S

10/10 - tn91780

A really excellent game that captures the excitement of the battle scenes from most zombie fiction. The models are cheap and easy to paint. The game is very well supported and I think everything is priced just right. I have no qualms about recommending this to any would be player. Lots of fun. - Eric Ridley

10/10 - TheRJMcFerran

10/10 - evilevan

10/10 - xanathos75

I really love this game system. It offers a great AI for how the walkers are controlled, as well as a lot of variety in characters, equipment and supplies. Of course though, that is if you buy more than just the base set. The base set is nice and gives you a good way to learn the game and decide if you want to get more into it. If you enjoy the base game and want to expand, I would recommend the Days Gone By expansion as a first next purchase. This game is also great because you can play it in so many ways. You can play solo, co-op, 1v1 or team vs team. You can play on a small play area or a 6'x4' play area. You can create your own characters with the rules from the Days Gone By expansion, and scenarios are easy to create as well for those that want to. - Hahma

10/10 - Ruslan_72

I love it. It's amazing. It's essentially Warhanmer in The Walking Dead comic universe. - MichaelCarnage

A rapid game that always allows for something cinematic to happen (usually to one of the heroes) The speed of the games, does allow to link 1,2 or 3 into a small narative of the course of a few hours It does need a scenario though (starter set provides you with the supply run and the story mode gives you ideas) as a 'deathmatch' can be a grind - Tinoid101

OMG best game ever. Game is awesome, my whole family love it. Gameplay is straight forward enough that my 8yr old son grasped the rules after just 1 turn. But has so much depth that even seasoned wargamers at my club love it. Play this game you will not be disappointed - MisterFlood

10/10 - Cthulhu Tempura

Unbelievable replay ability, the best miniatures game I have played. Characters, mechanics, and feel of the game captures everything that is The Walking Dead. If you have not played, then you are doing yourself a disservice. - JoeNeet

10/10 - lilygamer30

10/10 - OlGrumpy99

10/10 - WaPMart

10/10 - vortigen

10/10 - jcarlile4

10/10 - unwittytitle

10/10 - Captain Wesker

10/10 - bechev

One of my favorite game :) it's a great hybrid between a boardgame and a wargame you should try it if you have the chance - luckyboy4545

10/10 - gm416684729

10/10 - vasquez2

10/10 - Rallydevil

10/10 - Neizan

Incredible sandbox game. Excellent models. The only downside to this game (when it was in print) was the distribution model. However, because I was eventually able to track everything down, I can really enjoy the experience. - GamerDad74

10/10 - abty

10/10 - mfigge

10/10 - MrStainless001

I love this game! - wargearworkshop

10/10 - imachubchub

My favorite game - Hideousprime1

10/10 - RaspberryMeeple

10/10 - Benzmand

10/10 - williamsjoshua097

10/10 - angrygrot

10/10 - Peej65

10/10 - Dekoning

10/10 - Craig152

10/10 - Sean Campbell

10/10 - nac2311

10/10 - ulgrim35

10/10 - Tony_stacruz

10/10 - Ramtut

10/10 - Hagakuri

The game I play the most time. - Valinard

10/10 - Caleidostres

10/10 - SexyPirate

10/10 - Rbarney

10/10 - Tookiem16

Best entry level skirmish war game available. - Muscleape

10/10 - Taakuu

Great entry level skirmish wargame. It is economical but gives you a ton of fun. - Brick_City_Toys

10/10 - Mahdi71

10/10 - Zocki82

10/10 - von_kalts


10/10 - Angelus009

Models are supplied un painted and un assembled unless explicitly mentioned. Where assembly required please see packaging for instructions. 

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