Northern Alliance Heroes Pack


Northern Alliance Heroes Pack

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The tribe chiefs and clan lords serve directly in Talannar’s Witan, the council where all strategic decisions are made for the Alliance, whether political or military. The mages of the Ice Kin practice a distinctly different form of magic than the mages of Elvenholme. Ice magic is notoriously temperamental and difficult to maintain, but in the fortress city of Chill and the northern clan holds, the Ice Kin have bent it to their will.

To be a skald in the clans is to bear an immense responsibility. Little is physically documented and tradition dictates that all the memories, knowledge and history of the tribes and clans are learnt, maintained and retold by their skalds, and Clarion is the emissary for the entire Alliance.


  • 1x Lord/Scald
  • 1x Ice Queen
  • 1x Clarion
  • 1x Thegn on Frost Fang

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

Models are supplied un painted and un assembled unless explicitly mentioned. Where assembly required please see packaging for instructions. 

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