Kings Of War Armada Seas Of Dread Expansion Book


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This book contains all the information you need to add new interactive terrain to your games, along with sea monsters and new play modes. There are a swathe of exciting new scenarios to play, including Multi-Player games. Rules are included for bringing ghost ships and pirates to your games. This book’s hold is rammed full of loot!

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1 x Softback Seas of Dread Book

This book requires a copy of ARMADA to play. Miniatures not included.

Additional information

Game System

Kings Of War Armada

Miniature Scale


Players: 2
Play Time: 60-90mins
Rating: 8/10
Info and reviews supplied by BGG

BGG Reviews

10/10 - SHOELESSJOE1919

10/10 - Mounfro

Much of this resembles GDW's sadly defunct ManOWar miniatures game. An example is Armada's Orcish Bloodrunners - they are very similar to ManoWar's Drillakillas. Armada's miniatures are bigger, more detailed and the rules are about the same in terms of complexity. Armada does not track hit locations like ManOWar and the navies are more symmetrical. The game plays smoothly and is a lot of fun. It also looks stunning on the table. - EHEM

9/10 - Karloth Valois

Can be slow, but is brutal at short range. Based on Warlord's Black Sea Ruleset. Good fun with a small model count so easy to get going with a painted set of models - ftrobbie

9/10 - WyldRaider

fully painted + dwarf faction fully painted - wolverine1977

8.25/10 - hans4rd

8/10 - GingerNinjaNicko

8/10 - CardboardAnt

Basilean, Orc, Dwarf and (soon) Empire of Dust fleets. Captivated by the minis, but the game is good too - mattprice

8/10 - Napalmhead

8/10 - BobaFett27

Very good - enjoy playing and would suggest it for any seas battles fan. Which the critical damage was a bit quicker and the general damage rolls had more dice involved but the mechanics based on Black Sails are definitely enjoyable and work well! - AngryJoeShow

8/10 - skymandr

8/10 - Drizzl3

8/10 - Toxic_Rat

8/10 - Anti11

7.54667/10 - billybobdozer

7/10 - tata_duende

7/10 - leanderuk

7/10 - Dasbeets

7/10 - Cthulhu1

7/10 - wolfpack95

6.5/10 - Scuttlebutt

6/10 - lord_erkenbrand

6/10 - Valander

We played through the battle, though honestly didn't understand it too much as the demo giver didn't us a lot of reasons why we were doing things, we just did them. The models we played with were beautiful of course. My daughter though wasn't a fan of the game. - ooogene

Models are supplied un painted and un assembled unless explicitly mentioned. Where assembly required please see packaging for instructions. 

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