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The shipyards of the Abyssal Dwarfs are hellish places – sprawling factories and blazing forges belching smoke into the already black skies over Tragar. Yet only a small portion of the shipyards lie overground. The cruel, pulsing heart of Abyssal Dwarf industry burrows deep though cliff face and mountainside, drawing power from the infernal Abyss itself.

This special bundle contains all of the new Armada releases for the Abyssal Dwarfs!

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2 x Resin Ankgor Class
1 x Resin Decimator Class
2 x Resin Blacksoul Class
1 x Resin Infernox Class
1 x Resin Katsuchan Class
1 x Resin Hellfane
Alternate parts to build the ‘Arbiter of Pain’
1 x Resin Gun Worm
1 x Resin Gargoyles Flock
2 x Resin Bases
8 x MDF Bases
Ship Cards, Fleet Rules, and Magic Cards

Additional information

Game System

Kings Of War Armada

Miniature Scale



Abyssal Dwarf

Models are supplied un painted and un assembled unless explicitly mentioned. Where assembly required please see packaging for instructions. 

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