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The Cold War turns HOT in the Team Yankee miniature wargame where World War III Begins!
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As with Flames Of War there are an array of Miniatures in 15mm scale, from infantry units to miniature tanks and air support.

Team Yankee by Battlefront Rule Book Cover ImageHarold Coyle‘s landmark novel of the same name, in which the Cold War got very hot has been adapted by Battlefront Miniatures into a 15mm World War III tabletop wargame.
Centred on Tank and air support combat, this 15mm wargame realistically represents tank battles from the war that never was.
Warfare from the 1980s. Soviets and NATO forces are having tank battles in an alternate progression of the cold war.

Written in 1987, Coyles novel follows a USA company size armour unit during a late 1980s World War 3, following the plight of US tank crews and infantry.

There have been video games and board games based on the book but this tape measure, dice and miniature games brings this piece “Cold War Gone Hot” of fiction to the next level. stocks Battlefront Miniatures including TY along side other Battlefront Miniature games like Flames Of War. You can buy Team Yankee from the UK with discount and free shipping to boot.

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