For the ancient race of the Vaettir, death is not as definite a destiny as it is for the other fading races of Relicia, by some strange twist of fate they are able to cheat it and can be reborn again as Elvspon, the Vaettir life force, in the realm of Maaj. All castes of Vaettir will be reborn in this way when fatally wounded, but it is the larger Vaettir that immediaetly manifest on Relica as their Elvpsoon form. In battle the higher castes will consume these Elvspon as they see fit to fuel their magic and gain advantage over their enemies. There are those among the learned elders of the Vaettir who are able to draw the Elvspon back from the shadowy realm of the Maaj that they occupy when not on Relica and they are often able to manipulate them into taking the more familar Vaettir form in order to replenish their legions.