TIE Striker Expansion Pack for X-Wing™

///TIE Striker Expansion Pack for X-Wing™

TIE Striker Expansion Pack for X-Wing™


TIE Striker Expansion Pack for X-Wing™ The first Rogue One mini.

Rogue One Star Wars X Wing Miniature Game.

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Designed for atmospheric combat and defense, the TIE Striker was a streamlined version of the standard TIE line of starfighters that featured advanced high-speed wings and the increased firepower afforded by an extra pair of laser cannons.


Rogue One Star Wars X Wing Miniature Game.

As many X-Wing veterans have noted, Waves IX and X have made liberal use of the Title upgrade type. Wave IX saw the non-unique Alliance Overhaul Title for the ARC-170 and the non-unique Special Ops Training Title for the TIE/sf. The Shadow Caster Expansion Pack came with a unique Title upgrade, the namesake Shadow Caster , and we’ve already seen the Sabine’s Masterpiece , Kylo Ren’s Shuttle , and Pivot Wing Title upgrades scheduled to accompany the ships from Wave X.

And as we’ve already noted in the article Go Rogue, the TIE Striker Expansion Pack adds another Title upgrade to this mix— Adaptive Ailerons .

Like each of the other Title upgrades, it adjusts the way the ship performs at a very basic level. In fact, Adaptive Ailerons arguably impacts the way you play your TIE Striker even more than the other Title upgrades impact the way you fly their ships:

“Immediately before you reveal your dial, if you are not stressed you must execute a white [1 bank left], [1 straight] or [1 bank right] maneuver.”

Adaptive Ailerons impacts how you fly your TIE Striker because it literally forces you to take the equivalent of a boost action immediately before your unstressed pilot executes a maneuver. This can be good if your pilot has a high enough pilot skill to react to your opponent’s maneuvers.


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