Although designated as a Battleship, the Phantom Class was redesigned by leader of the STL Tauris Vylia’sal with the sole purpose of intimidating any foe that stands before it. In truth the superstructure of this vessel is more akin to that of a Dreadnought, but it sits as a Battleship in the Tier 1 fleet building structure. As a result of its bulk, the Phantom certainly packs the punch of such a vessel, and is majestic to behold in battle as it swoops in to destroy its foes. The addition of 5 Shadow Class Frigates allows 2 vessels to be attached to a Phantom and the remaining 3 create their own Squadron. Contains: 1 x Phantom Battleship 5 x Shadow Class Frigate 1 x Large SRS Token 1 x Small SRS Token Models supplied unassembled and unpainted