Searching for Truth: Conquest LCG

///Searching for Truth: Conquest LCG

Searching for Truth: Conquest LCG


Searching for Truth: Conquest LCG

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On the surface of Nectavus VI, an ancient being has waited and watched for centuries. As blood rains down from tainted skies and the power of the Warp is unleashed above the jungle canopy, this ancient watcher rises at last. He has observed the secret workings of the galaxy and seen things beyond the eyes of mortals. Now, he will lead the Necrons to restore their dynasties and renew their dominion over the entire galaxy. Journey once more into the treacherous jungles of Nectavus VI with Searching for Truth! Like the other War Packs of the Death World cycle, this expansion focuses on the new Deep Strike keyword, offering plenty of new cards that you can play facedown, only revealing them when it?s most advantageous to you. Elite units continue to gain power, and a new Necron warlord invites you to reap the rewards of repairing your warriors and keeping your armies fully operational. Nectavus VI will run red with the blood of warring armies, but only one faction can claim the final victory.


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