Predalien: AvP: Expansion Packs Prodos Games

///, Predators/Predalien: AvP: Expansion Packs Prodos Games

Predalien: AvP: Expansion Packs Prodos Games


Available on backorder

Predalien miniature set AvP: Expansion Packs from Prodos Games **PLEASE ALLOW 2 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING

Available on backorder


Even mightiest hunters fall and become Alien’s prey. Those who are unlucky and live are used to breed terrifying hybrids.

Box contains:
1x 32mm resin miniature
1x ping token
1x plastic base
1x stat card

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Prodos Games


Alien Vs Predator: The Hunt Begins


AvP: Expansion Packs


Aliens, Predators


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