Open Fire Flames Of War Starter Set

//Open Fire Flames Of War Starter Set

Open Fire Flames Of War Starter Set


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Start playing Flames Of War quickly and easily with Open Fire.

Open Fire is the Flames Of War Starter Set and your ticket into World War II wargaming. It’s got everything you need to discover many aspects of this exciting hobby, from assembling and painting miniatures to playing games on the table top.

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Open Fire Flames of War

Open Fire Flames of War box set Includes:

  • 36 Page Full Colour Open Fire Rule Book
  • 40 Page Full Colour Forces book with German, British, American and Soviet Army Lists
  • 11 Finely Detailed tanks, including three StuG G assault guns, six Sherman V tanks, and two Firefly tanks.
  • 2 Grenadier platoons, one PaK40 platoon, and one US Paratrooper platoon, for a total of 105 infantry figures and 2 guns.
  • 1 V1 Flying Bomb Terrain Piece
  • Cardboard Terrain
  • Game Tokens and Objective Markers
  • Open Fire Army Quick Reference Sheets
  • 20 Dice
  • Measuring Stick

Flames Of War Rule Books

The Open Fire Flames Of War Rulebook is designed to be learned quickly and get you playing in no time. They are informative, with helpful picture diagrams to walk you through the steps of the game. Over time you can choose to stick with the Open Fire Rulebook, or choose to take a field promotion and move on to the Flames Of War rules.

The Forces Book included with Open Fire gives you the information you need to assemble an army. There is a lot to explore with Open Fire Four major nations are represented and each offers their own unique equipment and styles of play. After you choose a nation, easy-to-use company diagram show you how to choose and add platoons to your force with. Platoon diagrams that tell you what models you need to build the unit.

More Flames Of War Army Lists can be bought separately. Please see the Flames Of War Rulebook section.

Flames Of War Miniatures

Included in the Flames Of War Open Fire box set are 11 plastic tanks and 105 infantry figures, so you have both forces to start playing and a starting point to develop your Flames Of War army of choice. More units can be bought by way of plastic box sets and blister packs with metal miniatures and plastic/metal vehicle units

Flames Of War Hobby

Open Fire combines the joys of painting and modelling your own miniature army with the challenge of facing off against your opponent across a gaming table. It’s time to get out there and recreate history—or change it. Open Fire.

Simple paint guides are included in the set

5 reviews for Open Fire Flames Of War Starter Set

  1. Ken Ward

    The one and only!

  2. Dewayne Mcquillan

    Great game this box set is great value, and a good way to get into the game

  3. Gareth Anderson

    While the battle box is great value for money and having seen both systems I find flames of war lacking both when it gomes to intuitive game play and depth, especially when compared to bolt action

  4. Griggsy

    Great game and many more tactical decisions/possibilities to make. As for Bolt Action having more depth, yeah right.

  5. Chris Kemp

    A useful set

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