Nasier Character Box 1 (Rank 2 Leaders)

///Nasier Character Box 1 (Rank 2 Leaders)

Nasier Character Box 1 (Rank 2 Leaders)


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Nasier Character Box 1 (Rank 2 Leaders) WOK01005

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1x Elsis Tagil, 1x Alayna Heska, 1x Arkan Thesh

Models come unpainted and unassembled.

Nasier love nothing more than to see their enemies wither in their path. The Nasier Ashmen charge is legendary and few enemies have ever lived to tell the tale. They’re often supported by the Pelagarth who revel in combat and despite their lack of armor, cause more casualties then they take. The specialists of Nasier prefer to use flames to punish their enemies. One of the most aggressive armies, their zeal for reinstating the Efrenti presence leads them to wrought destruction throughout the continent.

Wrath Of Kings (WoK) is an epic fantasy miniatures war game set in a stunning world. Beautiful miniatures, great art and fast rules!

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