Magma River 44"x30" Gaming Mat
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Magma River 44″x30″ Gaming Mat

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Magma River 44″x30″ Gaming Mat


Available to order.

Magma River 44″x30″ Gaming Mat
Gaming Mat – Kraken

Available to order.

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Kraken play mats were built as real plates and were photographed and digitally reworked, as a result, they achieve a much higher level of detail than any computer-generated graphics.
This technique allows the sharpest details to be displayed with minimal repetition of textures, the mats are 2mm thick and have an anti-slip coating on the back.
Storage is simple, the mats can be rolled easily without accepting the shape, they roll without problems wonderfully flat, again and again.
The Lotus effect protects against moisture, spilt drinks and other dirt, the mats are scratch-resistant.
The print quality is 720dpi.
The dice rolling is dampened by the material
Cards can be easily gathered from the play-mat.


  • 1x Magma River 44″x30″ Gaming Mat

Please Note:

  • One Kraken play mat is supplied.
  • Models supplied unpainted and unassembled unless otherwise stated
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