Kings Of War – Vanguard 2-player Set.

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Kings Of War – Vanguard 2-player Set.


Expected shipping date this item 10th Oct 2021

Vanguard is the small scale Fantasy Skirmish game companion to Kings Of War.

This starter set is an ideal entry point, giving you 2 warbands, the full hardback Vanguard rulebook, plus all the dice, counters etc that you will need to get started.

Expected shipping date this item 10th Oct 2021

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2 player Set booklet

22 miniatures

Resin Basilean Dictator

Resin Nightstalker Banshee

Multi-part PVC Plastic Paladin Defenders/Chaplain

Multi-part PVC Plastic Men-at-Arms Sergeants/Veteran Sergeant

Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood

Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood Scout

Multi-part PVC Plastic Gur Panther

Multi-part PVC Plastic Butcher

Multi-part PVC Plastic Horror

Multi-part PVC Plastic Reaper

Multi-part PVC Plastic Phantom

Multi-part PVC Plastic Shadowhound

5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Scarecrows/Spectres

5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Men-at-Arms/Crossbowmen

Cardboard Counter Sheet

16 Power Dice

8 D8 dice


Mantic Tape Measure

Hardback Vanguard Rulebook

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Skirmish Game


Kings Of War: Vanguard


Mantic Games

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