Vanguard 2 player starter set box
Kings Of War - Vanguard 2-player Set.
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Kings Of War – Vanguard 2-player Set.

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Kings Of War – Vanguard 2-player Set.


Players: 2
Play Time: 60-60mins
Rating: 8/10
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Vanguard is the small scale Fantasy Skirmish game companion to Kings Of War.

This starter set is an ideal entry point, giving you 2 warbands, the full hardback Vanguard rulebook, plus all the dice, counters etc that you will need to get started.

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2 player Set booklet

22 miniatures

Resin Basilean Dictator

Resin Nightstalker Banshee

Multi-part PVC Plastic Paladin Defenders/Chaplain

Multi-part PVC Plastic Men-at-Arms Sergeants/Veteran Sergeant

Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood

Multi-part PVC Plastic Sisterhood Scout

Multi-part PVC Plastic Gur Panther

Multi-part PVC Plastic Butcher

Multi-part PVC Plastic Horror

Multi-part PVC Plastic Reaper

Multi-part PVC Plastic Phantom

Multi-part PVC Plastic Shadowhound

5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Scarecrows/Spectres

5 Multi-part Hard Plastic Men-at-Arms/Crossbowmen

Cardboard Counter Sheet

16 Power Dice

8 D8 dice


Mantic Tape Measure

Hardback Vanguard Rulebook

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Skirmish Game


Kings Of War: Vanguard


Mantic Games

BGG Reviews

10/10 - pjc24

10/10 - Fomorian

10/10 - puggimer

Since I started to collect miniatures I've been testing many skirmish systems and wargames... In my opinion this is the best game I have ever tried. The fatigue and power dice are two interesting rules that give you a lot of different tactical options and keep you in focus during the whole match. It's a fun, quick and deep game. It would be great if Mantic continues expanding and promouting this game. - Mushika

10/10 - Henge

10/10 - Unvollkommen

10/10 - Sperius

10/10 - Nurgle23

10/10 - IronKnight132

10/10 - BBiggar

Pretty complicated to first grasp, but the command points make every little tiny decision really count. - JamesManhattan

Stop reading this, go grab the free rules, sub in some minis and use cereal boxes for terrain... this game is AMAZING! - Akka97

Excellent game. Plenty of tactical choices each turn and excellent scenarios. Factions are very well balanced. Great if you are looking for a skirmish miniature game which requires thinking. Not too expensive to get into either. - x2sik

After several one off games and half-way through a campaign, its easily my favorite miniature game. Move, counter move, counter -counter move. The choices open to you at the beginning of a round are massive and deep. Its my modernized Mordhiem! - Helznicht

Nice skirmish game. logged as preowned as i dont like board games in my board game list.. only a few games in but enjoy a lot - Milarky

Awesome rules. Very balanced and tactical. The right level of depth. The universe is flat so it's less engaging than Frostgrave or Necromunda but it allows to proxy all the Warhammer figurines and the rules are much better. - bq6JdWSqS1

Purchased and received the full color rulebook and cardboard tokens. Waiting on a Nightstalker faction starter and booster. Played the beta rules and found the game to be quite fun, and the rules quite clear. Looking forward to this being my main fantasy skirmish game. - SorenK23

Really enjoying this, nice clean system, easy to learn but lots of depth. - Torkijo

9/10 - Kazil83

Great system, quick and easy but lots of tactical depth! - Airbornexo

9/10 - blacknell

9/10 - mattprice

My brother, my nephew(s) and I have now played quite a lot of games and used 11 different warbands. Plays really well. The scenarios really mix it up. Some games have been all three of us (occasionally 4) and it works for that also (a few house rules). Love that the heroes are powerful but not invulnerable, still have to be a bit careful with them. Great variations between the units and the order in which you use them can be very very important. Can take the biggest mauling on the tabletop but still win the scenario if your objective driven. Finding more depth as we play. - lillassea

Such a fun skirmish game with some really cool mechanics such as power dice and fatigue. Each miniature has its own personality. The game has a lot of tactical depth, but itu2019s not a complicated system. I plan to expand my current war and and buy another. - Nevin

9/10 - omnicrondelicious

9/10 - wizardofmoz

9/10 - Ranma23

9/10 - MiSiO_th

9/10 - Ascarico

One of the best fantasy skirmish games available. Suitable for both one off and campaign play. - salemchrist

Great skirmish game! - ThaneBobo

excellent game. East and fun. quality parts. - mouser2u

9/10 - Victor Von

9/10 - Yazleb

Ever since I started playing Kings of War, I wanted a skirmish version. Years later that finally came true. Favorite fantasy wargame, scalable, quick and tactical. - VaynLoth

I approached this game with no particular expectations and after one game I am really captivated by the tactical system, which is really great and left me willing to play more. The theme is pretty generic but the system basically accommodates for any type of miniature. - Astrobilario

9/10 - Zanzabarr

Fully painted + undead faction - wolverine1977

8.5/10 - rap_dora

8.5/10 - Salemander

8/10 - Osbad

8/10 - DaMastaKilla

8/10 - Captain_Glen

8/10 - Doctor K

This game really made me 100% stop playing Sci-Fi games and concentrate on Fantasy for the foreseeable future. Only wish they had a set of rules to add other mins from your collection into the game. - Sting52jb

8/10 - igelkott255

Played a first game with the lad tonight and had a great time. I really enjoyed the rules, which seemed to work smoothly and well. We both enjoyed the game immensely. I'm looking forward to playing more! - caradoc

8/10 - Pearsecj

8/10 - Nesti

8/10 - paradox1995

8/10 - fumanchu1972

8/10 - Kasdagier

8/10 - eekamouse

8/10 - PreacherVonDoom

8/10 - tata_duende

8/10 - Callomac

8/10 - njr5

7.7/10 - MkaY

7.5/10 - Footysurfrat

7.5/10 - Scuttlebutt

I could see this easily become my skirmish game of choice. Very much enjoyed my first play. - Michael Becker

7/10 - wolffrostbrew

7/10 - j1mk3w

7/10 - RewLikesGames

7/10 - kingtiger1942

7/10 - mostrojoe

7/10 - kurttheviking

6/10 - breakmanynecks

6/10 - TheWolf35

6/10 - lord_erkenbrand

I dont think I have anyone in my groups that would play. Enjoyed it but not sure I'd play again - docker37

6/10 - seileach

5/10 - Silasvb

4/10 - JasonSaastad

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