The Vaettir Hunta It is strange to think that a society as intolerant and elitist as that of the Vaettir would tolerate the existence of creatures as impure as the deathly Hunta yet surprisingly they can be found dwelling in great numbers throughout all the regions of Xanawang and even sometimes beyond the borders in the realms of Eard and Encartria. This is not to suggest that they Hunta are easily found, quite the opposite in fact. The Hunta are notoriously good at avoiding detection due to the fact that for the majority of their cursed lives they exist only in the dream realm of the ether space and are completely invisible to the untrained eyes of outsiders. It is only the sweet lure of death that brings them forth into reality and empowers them physically so that they might feast openly upon the succulent souls of their enemies. This Pack contains 3 pewter and resin miniatures. Models are supplied unpainted, and some preparatory work may be required as well as assembly.