Freebooters Fate Starterbox Amazon

Freebooters Fate Starterbox Amazon


Freebooters Fate Amazon Starterbox Amazon
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The Amazon Starter Box contains a small crew of 4 Amazons plus starter rules in English and German. The box contains a small crew of the Amazons on their way to free the Amayallis and gain eternal glory in the process. Pehua AMA 001 is the leader of the expedition on Leonera. She is accompanied by the specialist Tocatl AMA 002, a skilled and extremely agile warrior, and the two deckhands Chicomeh and Matqueh AMA 003. This pride of Amazons has been perfectly trained for jungle combat and their surprise attacks have driven not a few opponents to despair. This starter crew costs 295 doubloons to hire. This starter deal will save you more than 10% compared to the individual prices. A bilingual deck of game cards FF 003 is required to play Freebooter’s Fate with the starter rules.


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