Freebooters Fate Pehua

Freebooters Fate Pehua


Freebooters Fate Amazon Pehua
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Painted by Jennifer Haley The spirit of the jungle flowed inside her, the echoes of every jungle predator which had ever sunk its fangs into the warm, struggling body of its hapless prey. Her mind became like an arrow, existing only in the here and now. There was only her and her enemy, predator and prey, everything else had ceased to be of any relevance. Pehua is a leader model of which there can only be one per crew; she costs 110 doubloons to hire. The miniature comes with a character card for Freebooter’s Fate. The miniature is a kit consisting of 7 parts and has an overall height of approx. 42mm. The body from head to toe measures approx. 33mm. The miniature is supplied as an unpainted kit and requires assembly. The component parts are available individually upon request.


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