Freebooters Fate Nenetzin

Freebooters Fate Nenetzin


Freebooters Fate Amazon Nenetzin
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They would spend the old ape?s last few days together, Nenetzin caring for the failing body until the pain got too bad and it would be time for that small vial. And then Nenetzin would return. Imbued with the honoured mother?s spirit, her wisdom and her fire, armed with her strength and protected by her skin. Nenetzin is a specialist for the Amazons and can be hired once per crew for 80 doubloons. The miniature comes with a character card for Freebooter?s Fate. The miniature is a kit consisting of 6 parts and has an overall height of approx. 50 mm. The body from head to toe measures approx. 33 mm. The miniature is supplied as an unpainted kit and requires assembly. The component parts are available individually upon request.


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