Duel in the Sun (Bolt Action)

//Duel in the Sun (Bolt Action)

Duel in the Sun (Bolt Action)


Bolt Action – Duel in the Sun
WGB-14 Warlord Games

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With Duel in the Sun, players can take command of the doughty Desert Rats of Montgomery’s Eighth Army, the fast-moving and hard-hitting raiders of the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG), or Rommel’s mighty Afrika Korps to recreate some of the most iconic battles of World War II–Operations Compass, Crusader and Torch, Tobruk, and Alamein among others. Offering scenarios, special rules, and new troop types, this theater book for Bolt Action also takes players across the Mediterranean from North Africa, where they can follow the Italian Campaign from the invasion of Sicily, through the battles for Anzio and Cassino, to the final assaults on the Gothic Line.


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