Deazone 3rd starter set. Showing box, mat miniatures, dice and scenery.
Deadzone 3.0 Two Player Starter Set - Mantic Games
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Deadzone 3.0 Two Player Starter Set – Mantic Games

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Deadzone 3.0 Two Player Starter Set – Mantic Games


Players: 2
Play Time: 60-120mins
Rating: 9/10
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Deadzone 3rd edition
The best sci-fi skirmish game is about to get better. Third Edition takes everything you love about Deadzone and turns it up to an exploding 8.

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What you get in the box!

  • Rulebooks – Core Rulebook and Force Lists Book (softback)
  • Starter leaflet
  • 10x GCPS Troopers
  • 1x GCPS Hero
  • 10x Veer-Myn Nightcrawlers
  • 2x Veer-Myn Nghtmares
  • 1x Veer-Myn Hero
  • 12 bags of Battlezones scenery, including the all-new Battlezones Street Accessories
  • Paper Gaming Mat
  • Counter sheet
  • 8x Command Dice
  • 8x D8

BGG Reviews

10/10 - gamjuven

10/10 - Stomphoof

Love Deadzone and 3rd edition is a great upgrade. Rules cleanup and rebalancing with new minis on the way. - Arcemise

Wow! I have a huge collection of wargame rulesets and this is by far one of, if not the best skirmish game. Easy to learn and quick to play. The cubes for movement make it easy but gives a phenomenon level of tactical depth. The command dice are a fun spin on skirmish games as well. Only a few stats and a few keywords keep characters unique without getting bogged down with rules and giant keyword reference. - SaltLife

10/10 - PaulNippress

10/10 - psyduck54

10/10 - ftrobbie

Excellent quick playing tactical board game. Can be played quickly and is very tense. Great starter box with plenty of game in it. Inexpensive to expand armies. - x2sik

10/10 - VJ Morph

10/10 - eNdie

10/10 - OwesomeNZ

10/10 - szoept

9.5/10 - ZacPat

Incredible set of rules. Mantic Games rulesets are the best in the business as of late (Kings of War: Vanguard and the new Firefight 2nd Edition included). Fast, intuitive, and plenty of room for decisions, but not overbearing. D8's too, which are better than D6's as they provide more room for variance in unit stats. - Zanzabarr

9/10 - TopHatCat

I've played many miniature wargames, and this one is my favourite. I can never go back to games where you need a tape measure. - Panner

Having a lot of fun playing this. Quick and fun to play, but plenty of depth. - ajevans

9/10 - TheGreatWario

One of the best miniature skirmish games out there! Easy rules, quick to pick up, streamlined play and not a lot of head math. Extremely fun to play! Wayland Games Bundle purchased: Mantic Games MGDZM103 Deadzone 3.0 Two Player Starter Set u00a371.57 Mantic Games MGDZM105 Deadzone Gaming Mat One u00a319.88 Mantic Games MGDZM106 Deadzone Gaming Mat Two u00a319.88 Mantic Games MGDZM107 Deadzone D8 Dice Pack u00a36.36 Mantic Games MGDZM108 Deadzone Command Dice Pack u00a36.36 Mantic Games MGDZM109 Deadzone Acrylic Item Markers u00a311.93 Mantic Games MGTC185 Terrain Crate: Sci-fi Objectives u00a37.95 - marktoon

9/10 - Torkijo

9/10 - Sffr

Best sci-fi skirmish wargame out there: quick, easy to learn, tactical and streamlined. - VaynLoth

9/10 - KaneBlaireau

9/10 - andrewvcook

Really fun non-stop action and balanced for whatever team you choose. Beer & pretzel meets champagne & caviar. - arcantyr

9/10 - Senaldar

Full review: - charlest

Like the system. Fun quick game not too deep not too light just right if I do say do. - Hms_indefatigable

8/10 - hypersonicbunny

8/10 - Gryffen88

8/10 - prokletbio

7/10 - kurttheviking

7/10 - Mounfro

Solid game with great simplifications. - kryzak

6/10 - Rexus Grim

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