CORE Pathfinder (1)

///CORE Pathfinder (1)

CORE Pathfinder (1)


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CORE Pathfinder (1) – Dark Age from CoolMiniOrNot DAG6903

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Moving across the landscape with disturbing speed and alacrity the Pathfinder hunts its prey over any terrain. Combining all-terrain technologies with fearsome armaments the Pathfinder will make any opponent think twice about just how safe their units are! Jumping into the fight with two buzzsaws and an supercomputer’s worth of tactical prowess the Pathfinder is sure to instill fear into any who are unfortunate to cross its path- if they even see it coming that is!
Pathfinders act as a heavily damaging forward scout in the CORE army, able to pursue its targets over any obstacle in its singular objective of striking down all those who would oppose the CORE!
Unpainted figure, requires assembly. Comes with free unit card and premium plastic base.


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