The Auxillium Concurcus are a familiar sight amongst the forces of the Nuem and the various guilds have put a great deal of dedicated devotion into manufacturing as many of the archaic devices as possible. Gifted with a semblance of life that is derived from the Mord shard, they are utterly deadly contraptions and their methods are gruesome and grisly. Goaded into battle by the will of their Nuem superiors, the automated robotics of the Auxillium Concursus rattle incessantly as they shuffle themselves along the battlefields of Relicia, eagerly edging towards their enemies while wildly swinging their brutal instruments of torture, they are a fearsome sight to behold and a terrible force to be reckoned with. Miniatures require assembly and painting. Painting materials are not included. Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts and pointed components