Codex: Imperial Knights (Hardback) (English)

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Codex: Imperial Knights (Hardback) (English)


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Codex: Imperial Knights (Hardback) (English)

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Imperial Knights are some of the oldest working technology currently in use by the Imperium of man. They started life as construction vehicles taken by early colonists during the first stages of space exploration. The first colonies settled, and slowly over time, they devolved into feudal states ruled by aristocratic nobles. Their knights evolved into walking suits of armour showing off house colours. Equipped with powerful weapons, the Knights were used to defend their lands and provided security against enemies such as marauding Orks and land-hungry Eldar Exodites. 12 datasheets and points values for all units covering the Imperial Knights range9 Household Traditions29 StratagemsWarlord TraitsHeirlooms of the Noble HousesFreeblade Qualities and Burdens Tactical Objectives

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