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Alien Vs Predator Board Game The Hunt Begins from Prodos Games. PRDG16146

Take on the roles of either Predators, masters of the hunt, Aliens, the ultimate species or the Colonial marines, the underdogs stuck in between these monstrous races at war.

AVP: The hunt begins is an amazing board games involving one the greatest story lines ever and now gives you the chance to bring it to the table top and challenge your friends to some epic games of survival. Who will you choose?

– Players: 1-4
– Recommended Age: 15 years and up

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AvP: The Hunt Begins includes:
– 10 Infant Aliens
– 5 Stalker Aliens
– 3 Predators
– 5 Colonial Marines
Dice: 3 D20 Dice
– 2 Alien Stat Cards
– 3 Predator Stat Cards
– 5 Colonial Marine Stat Card
– 20 Environmental Cards
– 20 Mission Cards
– 60 Strategy Cards (20 for each Faction)
Board game Tiles:
– 32 Straight Corridors
– 8 Crossroads
– 8 T-Shape
– 8 L-Shape
– 10 Dead-end
– 8 Air Vent Tiles
– 7 Rooms (Lab, Escape Capsule, Armoury, Bridge, Hibernation Room, Engine Room and Predator Pod)
Other Peripherals:
– 1 Flame/Acid Spit Template
– 151 Wound, Ping!, Activated, Sentry, Hide and Objective Tokens
– 20 Door Pieces

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