12-piece Sculpting Set w/Case GF9 Model Making Tools

//12-piece Sculpting Set w/Case GF9 Model Making Tools

12-piece Sculpting Set w/Case GF9 Model Making Tools


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12-piece Sculpting Set w/Case GFT010

Out of stock

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Top quality tools made by Gale Force Nine. Highly recommended.

Gale Force Nine’s new hobby tool range provides the miniature modeler, collector and gamer with all of the indispensable tools and supplies needed for every project.

From basic assembly and cleaning of your new miniatures to master level conversions, our range has the tool that’s right for you! Never before has a hobby tool range combined such versatility, quality and affordable prices.
This sculpting set includes:

One Canvas Carrying Case
This case has 14 slotted compartments to securely house your tools. With 12 tools included with this set, that leaves you with two extra to store any favorite extras you may have.

Twelve Hardened Stainless Steel Sculpting Tools
Each tool is double-ended giving the user 24 different heads to choose from.

This is the perfect sculpting set for any would-be sculpture and at this price; it’s hard to find a better value anywhere.

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