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Battlefront Miniatures Limited is based in New Zealand and is most famous for the manufacture of 15mm (1:100) Scale models and miniatures for wargaming and collecting.

Battlefront’s flagship game system is Flames Of War a WWII tabletop game using D6. The Flames Of War (shortened to Flames, or FoW) is famed for its tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, artillery and anti-tank guns, infantry and support weapons for eight nations: Germany, the USSR, The United States of America, Great Britain, Italy, France, Hungary, Finland, Romania and Poland. The range currently consists of hundreds of vehicle, infantry and gun packs and is constantly expanding. It will include other nationalities in the future.

Battlefront also produces variants of the FoW system for other wars, including The Great War (WWI).

Battlefront also produce a game of Tank Battles and Air Support based on the work of fiction Team Yankee, set in the mid/late 1980s where the cold war had developed into World War 3!

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