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Armada Starter Set

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  • Kings of War Armada is a fantasy naval battle game set in Mantic Game’s Kings Of War universe.
  • Pit your fleet against your friends in this 2+ player
    naval warfare game.
  • Plot your speed and course, sail through the waves,
    fire spectacular broadsides and initiate cinematic
    boarding actions.
  • Typical fleet sizes are 6-9 ships for a standard
    90-120 minute game.
  • Upgrade your ships with magic items and
    famous captains.
  • Featuring 10 scenarios, pitting players against each
    other to capture a kraken, sink the flagship, battle for
    buried treasure and more…
  • Contains additional rules for terrain, weather and
    advanced wind rules

In Armada you can pick from fleets of ElvesDwarvesEmpire of DustOrcsBasileansTwilight KinSalamanders.

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